This was the first email you sent. I was new to this kind of technology so it took me a while before I replied. You were probably wondering what took me so long to reply so you called me up at my local number.

“Hi. Did you receive my test mail?”

“Which one? The hello, test, hello?”

You chuckled.

“Yes, yes! That was it! Are you busy? I am just testing your email.”

“I don’t know how to use this,” I said, “but an officemate taught me how to reply.”

“What???!!! You allowed your officemate to read your email?”

“Yes, and is it a bad thing?”

“Hmmm… your email is your personal account. You should not let anybody read it especially when the email comes from me,” you said.

I pressed the reply button and then sent you “hello.” I excused myself from the phone call because my teammate seemed annoyed. I checked the email and found four unread messages from you. There was nothing meaningful about those messages. I didn’t put any color on the attention that you were giving. After all, I was still in a relationship with the father of my toddler. Though our relationship was rocky for years now, the idea of meeting somebody else and leaving him for that better guy was the farthest thing from my mind at the time you were trying to get close to me.

Funny how our situation was reversed at the end of our love story seven years after this first email. You were so in love with me at the start while I was the one who was cold and unaffected. Seven years later, it was me who cried a river when you said it was over.



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