I was very excited on this days 16 years ago because it was our first Valentine’s as a couple! Valentine’s used to be a very big deal when I was younger. I pretended to act normal and just went to work like any other ordinary day.

I can’t remember who greeted who first but I am sure that we didn’t render overtime at work that day. We ate at a pizza parlor then he gave me three pink artificial roses. I was speechless, not because I was happy to receive fake flowers on that special day, but because I expected to be given real flowers! You don’t give fake roses on your girlfriend especially if she is your first girlfriend and you two are celebrating your first Valentine’s together! I can just laugh at my reaction then now that I’m older!

Looking back, I wish I followed my instincts about how he treated me. There were rainbows but there were more storms. There was happiness but there was more depression. If someone gives you a mediocre gift, and of all the gifts he could give, a fake flower, then the message simply means that his love is superficial.

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you!


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