I was busy taking a shower when I heard the message alert tone of my cellphone. I ignored it because I was not expecting any text message at that time. When I went out of the bathroom, I saw Grey busy typing something on my cellphone. His facial expression was a giveaway that he was mad.

Before I could even dress up, Grey confronted me.

“Your ex is still texting you! He is still texting you!”

“But he’s an ex for a reason! We’re together now!”

“That guy just told me that I stole you away from him! Call him up to tell him to stop bothering you!”

I embraced him. He embraced me back tightly. Tears were falling down his face. I kissed him and assured him of my loyalty. He removed the towel that was wrapped around my body, then his clothes. He asked me to kiss him passionately. His face looked red; I was not sure if it was because of the sexual tension or his text argument with my ex. With a forceful thrust, he kissed me again and whispered “You’re mine.”

He was not wearing protection so I reminded him about it. He said that he could control. I did not argue with him. I didn’t want to ruin his moment. I didn’t want him to remember what happened earlier. He came outside of me later.

I went back to the bathroom to clean myself. Grey followed and together, we took a shower. We exchanged passionate kisses while under the shower. He was ready again to conquer me. Making love under the shower was not really easy. Our bodies were slippery and the shower was distracting. He came again but this time, it was inside of me. I scolded him for doing that. He just smiled, got the towel and went out of the bathroom.

I cleaned my private part and made sure that I emptied my womb of his seed. I loved Grey but having a baby with him was not yet the right time. The green-eyed monster in him would be his passport to more sexual abuses.


Ladies, when your man uses sex as a form of revenge, break up with him. Sex is supposed to be a wonderful activity between two people in love.


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