When it comes to being a good provider, I could count on Grey. We were starting out on our career so to be able to buy me a new cellphone, he took a loan. I ordered a brand new Nokia phone to an officemate and the agreement was to meet up elsewhere.

From our unit, I dressed up to prepare for the meet up when I heard somebody knocking. I was surprised to see my male officemate outside our unit. I took the cellphone, paid him and he left.

When Grey went home (he was on overtime), I was happy to show the new cellphone. He asked where the meet up was and I said that my male officemate dropped by our unit.

“You don’t invite someone, especially a male person, to our unit!”

He sounded irritated. I explained that it was not my intention to meet my officemate at our unit and I justified that it was only a quick transaction. He seemed convinced but the topic lasted for almost a week.

Grey could be very territorial. Slowly, the cycle of emotional hide and seek was starting and I was already deeply in love when I realized that the emotional brainwashing was already embedded in my own system.


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