Grey’s department scheduled a swimming party at the beach and he asked me to attend with him. I loved his officemates and considered some of them as my friend so going with him at the beach was not an obligation. Of course, nobody could please everybody so there were also some teammates that I would rather not strike a conversation with. I avoided being labeled as a diva so I helped in whatever way I could like fanning the charcoal for the barbecue and making sure that the cottage was clean after eating.

His teammates were already enjoying the night swimming when I approached Grey who was unusually silent in the company of his officemates. I asked him to swim with me and it took him quite some time to decide. The water was warm and comfortable. If the water temperature was Grey’s concern, I knew that the warm water would not be an issue because he preferred it over cold water.

“I hate the sea!” he blurted out”. I was busy doing my amateur swimming, enjoying myself so I became worried about what he just said.

“Look at the darkness over there. If I drown at this moment, do you think anybody could save me?” he asked. The fear in his voice was authentic and not just one of his playful remarks.

I swam to his direction and held his arms. Little by little, he was walking away from the beach; the water was now getting deeper and my feet were no longer touching the sand. He was taller than me by several inches, the water was now leveled to his shoulders. Grey carried me like a small child then my legs were wrapped around his torso. He kissed me and then let go of me. I panicked and then pushed myself up to breathe fresh air. He laughed and then held me again. He asked me to embrace him tightly. My motion sickness was kicking in because the waves were getting stronger. I detached myself from Grey and then went floating so as to ease the dizzying effect of the waves.

Grey walked with me while I was floating. We decided to just enjoy the sea by the shore. We went home happy and very tired.

Looking back, Grey’s letting go of me amidst the danger of being drowned seemed like an innocent and playful thing between two lovers. But it was also a manifestation of his controlling attitude; that I could not survive without his mercy.


Ladies, be very watchful of your lover’s gestures. A truly loving  man would teach you how to swim and survive; not let go of you to the possibility of drowning.



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