In spite of our financial condition, Grey made sure that I was well provided for. Both of us were working but still starting out so money was just a little more than enough for our basic needs. This was one of the reasons why Grey needed to work extra hours and at some point, I understood why he had to go home very late. Sixty per cent of our expenses was taken cared of by Grey, the remaining 40% was my share. Paydays were spent at our favorite pizza parlor or the Chinese restaurant just a few steps away from our unit.

Aside from the basic expenses, Grey made sure that I look good all the time. He discouraged me from wearing make up except for a natural shade of lipstick. He financed my hair treatment and later on, my monthly facials. I kept my hair and skin well-maintained except for my weight; I was into stress-eating.

Grey made fun of my weight gain but every time I try to lose weight, he discouraged me.

“You’re not really fat when naked!”

He obsessed about his ideal woman most of the time: tall, fair-skinned with flawless complexion, smart, intelligent, beautiful, patient and a virgin. It was a hot day when he looked at me as if inspecting me.

“You’re not sweating!”

“I don’t sweat a lot.”

“You’re a goddess!”

Goddess? LOL! Some people do not really sweat a lot. Those “loving” moments were all about how different I am than most of the women he met.

-That I ate like a princess.

-That I cried beautifully.

-That I did not fart. (OMG!)

I could laugh at his ideal woman by now because he seemed to be looking for a mannequin than a girlfriend!



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