We pushed through with Grey’s idea to try if there’s available unit on the building that my former officemate used to live. His lucky stars waved at him because there was one unit available for us. Not only that, the unit was second to the last which meant more privacy for us.

The caretakers asked us if we were married. I said not yet.

“Ahhh…. so living in arrangement?”

Neither of us replied to them.

Anyway, it was an easy transaction. Grey paid a month advance and two months deposit worth of rent. We could move in anytime. We went back to our first unit to start the packing process. In a week’s time, we were already settled to our new “home.”

The new place was smaller than our old place but I felt more secured. There was a small store at the same floor that we lived so mid-night snack was no longer a problem. Because Grey also felt that the new place was safer, he started working longer hours. If he was really at work or elsewhere partying, I had no idea. I wanted to spend more time with him but he was too busy at work, then with his friends (bar hopping), then with me. He would go home drunk, then would insist on making love with me whether I was in the mood or not, then sleep.

I told him one time that more than sex, I wanted us to have a real conversation about anything under the sun: religion, books, movies, education, politics or even us.

“Making love with you is all I wanted,” he said. It would have been flattering but I was tired of him thinking of me as a sex object. He had the stamina to make love with me five times a day (upon waking up, in the shower, twice before bedtime and at 2-3AM) but he was too lazy to even strike a good conversation with me.

Ironically, he was too good for me in the eyes of his friends and officemates. I had no one else to talk to about my relationship problem because everyone at work thought that he was perfect. Who am I to put him in bad light? Besides, I was so in love with him in spite of everything.


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