Tooootoooot…. Toootoooot…

I hurriedly went out of the restroom to check Grey’s cellphone. I was never into the habit of opening the text messages on his cellphone but I thought that it was probably him texting me to inform me to bring his cellphone to his office. He left earlier than usual for some work-related activities and because he was in a hurry, he didn’t notice that he was not able to bring along his cellphone.

“Why cousin? Are you secretly in love with me?”

The text said.

My heart stopped beating, I was thinking that Grey was in love with his male cousin and he was gay!

“Oh, cousin! Did I offend you? I am just joking,” said the unknown sender.

I checked the sent messages and found Grey’s messages.

“So can I court you?” Grey asked.

I was already crying. I thought that Grey was in love with his cousin’s girlfriend. I put the phone in my bag and met Grey at the canteen. His mood changed upon seeing the cellphone.

“Why are you reading my messages?” he was mad.

I tried to apologize but he kept on asking me why I read the messages. I went to my cubicle feeling guilty and sad but life had to go on; I tried my best to remain unaffected.

Later that day, we had dinner at our unit and Grey was unusually quiet. His sad eyes were a give-away that he was lying about getting mad at me.

“Tell me the truth, Grey…. you texted another girl and asked her if you could court her!”

He just looked at me as if confirming my doubt. I slapped him for the first time. I was very angry and hurt. The man whom I gave my whole life to had turned into a monster of his own making. He went inside the restroom to avoid me. I followed him and shoved him. He shoved me, too and I fell down the floor. When he saw me in pain, he carried me and apologized. He was crying, too.

I couldn’t remember what happened next because I fell into deep sleep. I woke up the next day with swollen eyes from crying. When Grey sensed that I was already awake, he whispered “I’m sorry” and then went on having sex with me. To end our rift, I told him that I would just forget the text incident. We went to work and my teammates asked me about my swollen eyes. In between tears, I told them about what happened and one of them cried.

Had anybody told me on that moment to walk away from Grey, I would have taken enough courage to move on from him. But I was too weak and broken to the point of hopelessness.



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