I took the ascorbic acid religiously for three days but it did not produce the effect that we wanted. I cried myself to sleep and I was awakened by Grey’s caresses. I pretended that I went back to sleep because I didn’t want him to see my puffy eyes. I realized that he was not touching me in a sexual way but unexpectedly, in a loving way. More than that, he was caressing my tummy and not that thing between my thighs.

“I’m sorry for messing up your life.”

Tears fell down my shoulder.

He was crying. Until now, I am trying to analyze if those tears were for me or for our baby. I didn’t ask him about it because I pretended to be sleeping. There was no sex that night and for whatever reasons, he just slept while embracing me. I slowly moved and turned my back away from him.

The next day, I told him that I was not yet bleeding. He said that maybe that was a sign to discontinue whatever plans we had about terminating the pregnancy. I asked him if that meant keeping the pregnancy and marrying him. He said that he has not changed his mind about not marrying me. In my rage, I took a tablet of ascorbic acid again.

“If something happens on the baby…!!!”

“Then what? Why are you acting so concerned about the baby when it was you who asked me to abort this?”

“I realize that I want to keep the baby. Bring him to my parents and let them take care of him.”

“And do you think I’ll let it happen?”

“Okay, bring the baby to your family and let’s see if they would accept him. Remember that you have a child there, too!”

I did not argue any longer with Grey. Instead, I secretly put the ascorbic acid bottle inside my bag. I would have to continue with the original plan.


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