“Grey, I’m spotting!”

I woke him up as if it was an emergency. He asked if it was heavy or not. I told him that it was very light. We went to work that day.

While in the office, my stomach was cramping. It was painful but a tolerable one. The spotting was still there, I felt like having my period. The on and off spotting lasted for one week. Then I noticed that my nipples were no longer sore and I could tolerate my officemate’s perfume already.

In spite of his decision to keep the baby, Grey did not slow down on his nightly drinking with his friends. One night, I became paranoid again of what could have happened to the baby so I texted him to go home. No reply.

“Go home now. Hyperacidity.”

It was a code that meant “Go home now. Cramping.” It worked because after half an hour, he was home but very drunk. He checked my underwear and found no blood on it. He was obviously pissed off because I tricked him into going home so he lied down on the floor to sleep.

“Why did you say that you were cramping?”

“I wanted you to go home.”

“I’m just having fun.”

“And I am no fun to be with?”

No reply. He seemed to fall into sleep. I removed his shoes, jeans and shirt until all was left was his underwear. I wet a face towel to freshen him up.

“My wife is serving me.”

I thought he was sleeping. He got up and went to our bed. I told him to brush his teeth first before sleeping. Yes, like a dutiful….wife? He did but the smell of beer was still evident. He wanted to kiss me and I hesitated because of that.

“Don’t worry, it will just be a kiss. I’m having a bad headache. I need to sleep.”

The kiss started gently and in the middle of it, passionately. Both of us were fond of French kissing. It was like a game. Whoever gets tired first will lose.

“I love you. Good night.”

“I love you, too Grey. Good night.”


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