The HR Manager scolded me when she found out that I reported to work. It was reasonable because I did not only put my health at risk, but also the company for allowing me in. I was sent home on the same day and Grey’s plan about keeping my miscarriage backfired on him. There were more queries on what really happened and what we did about the pregnancy. He tried to appear cool about it by saying that it was just a case of a blighted ovum but deep inside, the miscarriage bothered him a lot because we did what we were not supposed to do.

Grey could not handle the silent criticism so he tried his best to appear as the perfect gentleman ready to rescue his damsel in distress. Those were all for the show because the moment he and I were together, he started showing signs of annoyance because the miscarriage put more pressure on him to marry me or stay with me.

I was humiliated by what happened to me and to be honest, I just put on a brave face and pretended that I was okay. Truth was, I did not want anyone to see me on maternity leave and I would rather go hungry than get out to buy something to eat. On a positive note, I was able to save my food allowance to continue sending money for my toddler.

It was past 8PM when Grey arrived home. I asked him if he brought home anything to eat. He was not in good mood and he went straight to the bed. I asked him again if he had plans of buying food. In an irritated tone, he said that I should buy my own food if I was hungry.I did not bother him any longer. I bought a cheeseburger and while eating, tears were falling down.

But of course, he needed to pretend that he was the perfect gentleman. The next day, he asked me to eat on a restaurant where our officemates could spot us. There were “hello’s” and “how are you’s” from officemates later on. He succeeded!

Because he was in high spirits, I told him that maybe, I should just finish my maternity leave at my parents’ home. I realized that I needed more nutrition and I would not get that in Grey’s company.

“Why, are you bored here?”

“No, I just miss my family.”

“Why, don’t you miss me?”

“I promise to come back as soon as I’m okay.”

“But you look okay.”

Grey finally agreed that I needed to go home to recuperate. He asked me to wait until the weekend to go home. In all fairness, he always accompanied me to the bus terminal and he made sure that I was okay.

“Always sit beside an old lady,” that was his constant reminder whenever I travelled.

“Grey, don’t you think it’s time to meet my parents?”

“I am afraid to meet them.”

Well, he should be afraid. My father’s temper during his prime was something that people should take seriously. I texted my mother that there’s a possibility that my boyfriend would be coming home with me.

“Why, is he proposing?” my mom texted back.

Deep inside, I would have wanted to say “Oh, mom! Grey never had plans of marrying me.”

I confided to my mother about what happened. She was so upset at me and at the same time, she was very understanding of what happened. She asked me what’s keeping us from getting married in spite of what happened. I told her that both of us were not ready yet.

Finally, Grey agreed to go home with me. Along the way, he asked a lot of questions about my family, if we were influential and if my parents were powerful in our place. I told him that we were just an ordinary family with an extra-ordinary family tree. To his surprise, instead of a mansion, we lived in an old and small house. Instead of a glamorous mother, he met a lady dressed in an old duster house dress. He was speechless. My mother tried her best to make him comfortable. She thought that Grey was just very shy. My father tried to intimidate him. I would like to sink at my seat at that time!

While we were on the living room, Grey’s eyes looked at every corner of the room. There was even one instance when he opened the refrigerator to check on what was inside. He probably imagined us owning a two-door refrigerator with lots of foods inside.

Disappointed was an understatement if I would assess his reaction about my family’s social standing. He was disillusioned! I realize now that his shock was not because he met my parents but because he expected us to be rich like our relatives.


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