Letter from my ex:

Dear “365daystoponder,”

How are you? I miss you. I still care about you.

I want to win you back.

You’re still the one.


“The Ex”


The ex tried his best to win me back. He relocated to the city where I stayed. He tried to search for every apartment. He spent hours standing on the busy spot where office workers normally pass by. I witnessed it all because I saw it with my two eyes. Ah, the advantage of knowing alternative routes!

The ex tried his best to get over me. He had a one night stand with a woman that he met at a bar. When it was time to dress up, the wallet was accidentally dropped on the floor, exposing a picture of a woman with a baby.

“She’s lovely. Who is she?” the stranger asked.

“My baby and my ex,” he allegedly said.

The stranger cried because she felt that my ex just used her to release his sexual tension.

“You are not over her yet.”

“I don’t understand why you’re affected.”

The stranger explained that she secretly admired my ex and found ways on how to get near him. When she saw him drinking alone at the bar, she knew it was the right time to pursue her plan. But my ex was not drinking just for the sake of drinking. He was drinking because I turned him down.

The physical attraction was still strong yet I knew that my heart would only belong to Grey. His trips to my parents’ house would always result to passionate kisses and heavy petting. I wanted his touch, his passionate touch, but my heart belonged to Grey.

Grey looked down on him, even ridiculed him. He tried to find chances to punch him on the face because of insecurity. Grey knew that my ex was in the city because some common friends could have told him. Our well-meaning friends that were not aware of what’s happening inside our unit thought that they were being concerned!



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