A year later .

I was the last one to know that Grey was hunting for a new job in another city. When I confronted him about it, he simply said that he was just trying and nothing else. He encouraged me to find a new job, too. It was my first time to set up an online resume’; Grey was there to help me on it.

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant. We had fun talking about future career plans. He was good at career planning. He was talking most of the time; he was at his best element that night. He explained why he had to find a new job. He said that it was because he wanted a career and not just a job. He said that our salary was not enough to raise a family. He was careful not to bring up the topic of my previous pregnancy.

At out unit later, I told him that while I was happy for his motivation to improve his life, I would be very sad to be living alone on our love nest. It was a rollercoaster relationship but I would have wanted to be with him than to be living solemnly but alone.

“You’re acting as if you’re the only one who’s affected. I am also affected,” he said.

I kissed him on his lips and he kissed me back passionately.

“I worry about your faithfulness,” he said in between kisses, “I can think of you and pleasure myself from the memories but you, you don’t do it so what if you find another man to satisfy your urges?”

“You’re crazy!” I said.

“Prove to me that you can do it alone. Pretend that I am not here. Show me how you pleasure yourself. Then, I can be assured that you will not be unfaithful to me.”

At first, I thought that it was a joke. I expected it to be part of his foreplay. I expected either a rough sex or a forced sex. But he was too insistent so as a dutiful girlfriend, I tried it. Well, I was not trying to be prudent because my first self-pleasure was when I was fourteen. It was memorable because I didn’t even know that I was masturbating already! For some reasons, I played with my nipples and then I had orgasm. It was pleasurable but as soon as the rhythmic movements stopped, I panicked and almost cried!

“Pretend that I am not here. Remove your clothes. Would you like me to turn on the dim light, instead?” Grey said.

He distanced himself from me and sat at the edge of the bed. I removed my shirt and jeans and lied down.

“Remove your underwear,” he said.

Removing my underwear was too much so I did not oblige. Instead, I pulled down my bra and exposed my breasts. I closed my eyes and fondled my twin peaks. I pinched my nipples in between my fingers as if someone’s sucking on them. I was completely turned on and I almost forgot that there’s someone there watching over me. I opened my eyes to check on Grey.

“Continue….” he said while holding his erection.

I closed my eyes again and went back to fondling my breasts. I rubbed my clitoris and before I could continue, Grey removed my panty and instructed me to turn my back on him. It was a forceless thrust because I was lubricated. I could see Grey pumping on me through the large headboard mirror.

“I will cum inside. Just take the emergency pill.”

It was one hell of a lovemaking and I let go of a loud moan. Grey covered my mouth with his right hand while his left hand mashed my breasts.

“Good job!”

He was referring to my first masturbation as an adult.


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