It had been three weeks since Grey moved to another city for greener pasture. I prepared myself to be alone on my birthday. I went to work earlier than usual and kept myself very busy.

“Happy birthday!”

It was Grey’s text message. I thanked him and proceeded with the day’s tasks. My teammates greeted me a happy birthday but for me, it was just an ordinary day. I was wearing an orange blouse; the same blouse that I wore on the day that Grey and I went to a photo studio in the early days of our relationship.

I decided to go home late on that day. It was good to have my bestfriend around for her company that I badly needed. Grey texted me and asked if I was still in the office.

“Yes. Staying late.”

“Hardworking. It’s your birthday.”

“I need to keep myself busy.”

“Btw, I sent something for you. I hope you’ll receive it later.”

“What is it? How can I receive it?”

“It’s a pink something inside a box.”

Wow, a pink something? It must be an engagement ring, I thought. I forgot my loneliness and daydreamed about wearing the much-awaited engagement ring. And oh, Grey didn’t have to ask if I wanted to be his wife! He knew the answer even before he could ask.

It was 7:00 PM and my bestfriend reminded me that it was time to go home. I told her to go ahead because I felt like staying until 10PM.

“Hey, are you still in the office?”


“My God! You should go home!”

“I’m staying until maybe….”

“I am asking you to go home. Who’s there with you?”

“My bestfriend. Okay, I’ll ready my things.”

My bestfriend and I were happily chatting on our way home. Then somebody grabbed me and put his arms on my shoulder. My first instinct was to defend myself. I looked up at the tall man and saw Grey’s handsome face! I was speechless! It was a surprise! A big surprise! Even my bestfriend was surprised! My boyfriend visited me because it was my birthday!

He brought me to our favorite restaurant. My bestfriend gave us a much-needed quality time; she declined Grey’s request to join us in the simple celebration. I excused myself for a minute and put on some lipstick. I combed my hair and checked if I looked presentable enough. Grey was wearing a light pink long sleeve polo. I felt bad about dressing down on my birthday. I wanted to be always presentable in his eyes all the time.

He was busy texting when I went back at our table. I kissed him on the cheek and told him how much I appreciate his efforts. While eating and while he was busy replying to his colleague’s texts, I just marveled at the sight of having the love of my life with me on my special day.

“You know. When you mentioned about the pink something, I never thought that it would be you.”

“It was meant to be a surprise. Are you happy?”

“I am very happy. No amount of material things could make me happier than having you in my life.”

The air was filled with so much love that night. I forgot about the long-standing depression, I forgot about our previous fights, I forgot about the abuses, I forgot about all the not-so-good things that happened between us. We made love that night with so much passion. I kissed him, caressed him, imitated how porn actors do the blowjob and pumped him. It was my own way of thanking him for the effort.


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