A year after the miscarriage and three years later into our relationship, Grey decided that it was the perfect time for me to meet his parents. I’ve never had any issues with that and in fact, I was very excited than worried.

“Don’t expect a nice house,” Grey said while we were on the bus.

I embraced him and thought that a nice house would never be my concern because ours back home was not as grand as what acquaintances thought it to be.

“Mom, we’ll be there in two hours,” Grey texted.

Their home was actually 5-8 hours away from our place depending on the volume of traffic. We decided to have a night trip to avoid the hassle. One advantage of a night trip is the privacy it gives to naughty passengers because majority of the co-passengers are either sleeping or busy minding their own business.

Grey kissed me on the lips while his hands found their way to my breasts.

“I feel like doing it here,” he whispered.

“There are people around,” I said.

“Lights are off. C’mon!”

“I’ll just do the job,” I said.

Then I sneaked my hand into his private part and gently caressed it. By this time, we were sharing a jacket to cover our mischievousness. It did not take long before I satisfied Grey. He wanted to return the favor but I was wearing a tight-fitting jeans so he left the idea.

By early morning, we arrived at their place. Their house was not as bad as I thought it to be but I found their place too crowded. His mother opened the door and I saw the excitement in her eyes upon seeing Grey. Grey was equally excited, too.

“Where are my brothers? Where’s my sister? Where’s Papa? Where is everybody?”

All the mentioned names came out of their room one by one. It was a happy reunion!

“But before I forget, let me introduce to all of you my girlfriend.”

All eyes were on me.

“Hello. It was nice meeting all of you.”

Then I kissed his mother and smiled at the rest of the family. His mother glanced at my stomach; probably checking if I was pregnant or not.

After the breakfast, I offered to wash the dishes but his mom told me to just stay in the living room to rest. She probably thought that I was sleeping on the sofa because I overheard her scolding Grey for bringing me there.

“Is she pregnant?”

“3 months.”

His mom pinched him on his arm.


“Correction. 4 months!” then Grey giggled.

Grey embraced his mother and whispered something like “she’s just visiting.”

“Good! Don’t get married yet! Promise me.”

Grey smiled at me when he confirmed that I was not sleeping. I smiled to assure him that what I heard would not change my affection for his mother.


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