Grey’s career in his new job was much better than the one that he left behind. I was so proud of him and he became the benchmark of his former co-workers when it comes to career decisions. On the other hand, I was more motivated to work to prove that I could also be successful.

The weekly visits were something to look forward to; I missed him so much. The more he became unavailable, the more I wanted every piece of him. Our company had a scheduled shutdown for three working days and I took it as an opportunity to stay with Grey in his new place. I used the company phone to contact him; his phone kept on ringing and ringing. On my fourth attempt, Grey picked it up.

“Hello!” he said in an irritated tone.

“Hi Grey! It’s me!” I said.

“Why are you calling me up? You’re disturbing my sleep! Don’t you know that I’m on night duty this week?” he was almost shouting.

Surprised, I hung up the phone and dialed again after a few minutes.

“I just miss you so much. We’re going to have a three-day forced vacation. I just want to tell you,” I said.

“Sure you would call! It’s free!” he said, pertaining to the company phone.

I told him that yes, it was free and it was my mistake to use the phone to contact him. He was silent on the other line so I just ended the call without telling him about my plan to stay with him for the weekend.

This would be the start of his on and off no communication with me. I tried to understand him and his busy new life but sometimes, it was too much to bear. I felt that I was falling into a deep depression but I could not open it up to him because he might take it negatively. On that day, I remembered our first days as lovers and how every single minute was special. I remembered how much he wanted to be with me and how he treated me like a princess. Times have changed…. just like his feelings for me.


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