Grey’s new job was not exactly what you call “glamorous” if your definition of it meant frequent out-of-towns, good food, good company, good life. His new job was more financially rewarding so he was able to buy the things that he couldn’t afford when he was still working in his old company. As a result of this, my lifestyle also changed for the better; thanks to Grey!

This lifestyle change was noticed by my officemates. My days of living from paycheck to paycheck was gone. First, I was able to save my rent expense because he shouldered 100% of it. Second, I was able to save on meals whenever he was around for a visit. Third, he paid for my beauty supplies and maintenance . I was such a lucky girl! I loved being the recipient of his financial generosity. I bet he loved being in control, too. There was no such thing as a free lunch, he expected me to be more submissive to him.

The physical attraction never really went away even after our break up three years later. It had always been the bond that glued us together. Going back to my story above, Grey bought me a can of expensive chocolate candies. He let me indulged on it and then whispered something into my ear.

“Those candies are aphrodisiac,” he kissed me on my cheek.

“You are my aphrodisiac,” I kissed him back. We kissed while passing the chocolate candy from mouth to mouth. He asked me to sit on top of him; I could feel his warm breath on my chest. He motioned me to start penetrating him. I bit my lip in pain as I was not yet aroused when I tried to insert his organ into mine. He knew my erogenous zone so he started sucking my nipples. He sucked hard like a hungry infant and before I even noticed, I was already gyrating.

“I’m coming,” he said.

I put my arms around him to secure myself but he put them down to my side while holding them firmly. I was distracted by this; I could never get used to making love with someone with my hands off him. He came inside of me with intense power. I reminded him that I was not sure if I were safe. He asked me to take a morning-after pill. This morning-after pill would become a staple in our sex sessions later.


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