I was in the restroom, taking a shower after sex, when Grey told me to hurry up because he wanted to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Wrapped in a yellow towel, I went to the wardrobe cabinet to get something to wear. Grey removed the towel covering my naked body and looked at my reflection on the mirror.

“You’re turning me on again.”

We had been making love for over an hour now and this was supposed to be his third time to release the heat he was feeling. It took him longer to ejaculate and the pain of his forceful thrusts were killing me. I straightened my body and told him to just try after dinner. He pushed me on the bed, went on top of me, put my legs on his shoulders and then started thrusting again.

“Don’t move, I’m concentrating,” he said.

I was very tired after the third round and the only consolation was the promise of a good dinner. As usual, the restaurant never failed my simple tastes. As usual, the conversation was double-meaning and had sexual undertone. Grey’s phone vibrated, his friend sent him a text message informing him that he was now officially on with the girl that he was courting for quite sometime.

My mood changed after hearing the good news. I was jealous of Grey’s friend’s new girlfriend. Grey gave his friend tips on how to make a woman fall in love with him. I hated it because he didn’t care to do all those advices for me. I was just a sex object. Grey saw my teary eyes and asked me if it had something to do with his friend’s news. I told him that I was jealous with the new girlfriend and I hated her for being the recipient of his friend’s love. I would have wanted to receive love letters from Grey, I would have wanted real love like the love that I felt for him.

Grey said that I was just starting a drama. He grabbed my right breast and squeezed it gently. I removed his hand and told him how rude he was to me.

“You should be thankful, those tits were not that big before. I was the one responsible for its size now.”

He squeezed my left breast and I looked around to see if somebody was watching.

“You’re my wife.”

“Marry me first.”

“I am not ready.”

“Then don’t touch me!”

“You are just jealous of the new girlfriend.”

Later at our unit, Grey made love to me again. He was too busy and consumed by his lust so he missed the tears that fell from my eyes. I loved Grey very much to the point of madness.


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