Grey never introduced me to any of his friends and officemates in his new job. My identity was kept in the dark though his friends knew that he had a girlfriend in the countryside.

I opened my Friendster and searched for him. There I found a flirty testimonial from a random girl. I was very hurt because his old friends were able to read it. Clearly, the joke was on me! Grey never asked me to be part of his social media circle. I was just that mystery girl that he went home for every weekend. I was too naïve to doubt about his loyalty yet all the signs were there from the start; he was playing with fire.

He gifted me a cellphone with camera when he felt that I was not as enthusiastic as the previous weeks. He probably thought that one of his trusted friends betrayed him by telling me about his escapades. The cellphone with camera amused me because I had never seen one or owned one before. Those were the days of Nokia glory and people were just too consumed by the boom in technology.

“It can record a video, try it,” Grey said.

I got a little naughty. I placed the cellphone in an empty glass and started kissing Grey. Then, we checked the recording and laughed at our silliness. I put the cellphone back in the glass and prepared myself for another recording.

This time, Grey was already on top of me. He kissed me and then stopped and looked at the cellphone.

“Let’s see how we make love,” he said.

After making love, I looked at the recording at least twice to check whether I was just exaggerating or not. I saw him kissing me on the lips; his left hand pulling my hair. Then, he penetrated me while my face was obviously showing pain. He licked my nipples and my neck; that was the time when I saw myself getting aroused. I saw myself arching my back as if to tell him to continue licking my breasts. He asked me to lie on my right side and there I saw a clearer view of my naked body. He pinched my nipples while I let go of a soft moan. He inserted his manhood again and pumped me roughly.

“Grey…. faster…Greyy,” then he covered my mouth while the two of us melted in lust.

The video showed how much I enjoyed being savaged by Grey and yet I felt violated after every sex.


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