The most painful thing is losing someone that you love so much.

You can lose him to another woman, death, divorce, better opportunity, a change in perspective and sickness.

You can lose him tomorrow, after one month, after one year and after a decade.

If you are bound to lose him at any circumstances and any timing, then whatever good and bad things that you had together are just part of that borrowed time.

The best thing that a woman can do after a painful break up is to fix her broken self and avoid the common mistake of feeling sorry for everything.

This blog is not about promoting hate on my ex but rather writing down the raw emotions and truthful events that led to our separation.

This blog aims to tell women that if you feel that moving on takes time, then you are not alone because it took me almost two years to do so.

This blog aims to warn young women to be careful with our choices in life and learn from my experiences.